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Let's face it: Living life with a chronic illness when you're in your 20's or 30's is not easy, is it?

While your friends are "living the life," sky-rocketing their careers, starting families, and taking vacations, you are falling behind. When your days are filled with managing medications, and fitting in the countless medical appointments, you are feeling like you are barely getting by. It looks so easy for everyone else. Why not you?

Do you wonder?

How can I plan my future when I can't be sure how I'll feel tomorrow?

Unlike my friends, I can't take just any job that comes up, so why try?

I've wasted time and money on a degree that doesn't get me a job, so how can I spend more time or money trying to get good employment?

There is another option!

Take charge and create your career path with a carefully crafted roadmap that incorporates your dreams, your needs and your health.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

How often did you hear this when you were a child? The message to plan for your future career starts early. Answers typically come easily to an 8 year old. But now that you have "grown up," how are you doing with this question?

It is neither unusual nor unreasonable to find that the answer is more complicated than you had expected. If you live with a chronic illness or any kind of debilitating chronic health condition, this question can be daunting. Why?

Because you've experienced first hand how unpredictable health means living with the unexpected.

To see if this program is for you, take this quiz.

1. Are you a recent college graduate without a career direction? If yes, keep going.

  • Do you have ideas for what you want to be doing over the next few years -- or the next few decades -- but don't know how to make it happen?
  • Do chronic health challenges, either recent onset or long standing, keep you from of making a move?
  • Are you looking for guidance and support in developing a realistic and flexible career plan?
  • Can you devote one hour every other week to a phone call and 3-4 hours weekly (minimum) to working on improving your chances for success?

2. Have you started on a career path that no longer seems realistic but you're unable to figure out your next move? If yes, keep going.

  • Do chronic health challenges, recent onset or long standing, make figuring out your next step more complicated?
  • Have you committed time and money to advanced training or to developing skills that seem to only lead to jobs that you can't do because of your health challenges?
  • Are you stuck, feeling there like there is no where to go and you're looking for guidance and help?
  • Can you devote one hour every other week to a phone call and 3-4 hours weekly (minimum) to working on improving your chances for success?

If you can say YES to some or most of these questions, then this program is for you.

How does it work?

Over a series of 3 - 4 months that includes 8 hours of phone coaching, I will serve as your guide.

You will develop a clear picture of your current situation (minus guilt, shoulds and regret) and create the career path options that will give you what you seek. Using resources and exercises that I provide, you will explore the barriers and find the opportunities.

If your circumstances allow, additional skills such as job searching, effective resume preparation (including addressing "gaps" due to illness), networking, social media, and interviewing technique can be covered.

What am I going to get from this program?

    A Career Plan giving you career choices based on who you are,
    not what you are not.

    A Tool Box of daily practices (e.g., "Take Your Pulse"), Career/Health Self assessments (e.g., how symptoms impact how you work) and resources (mindfulness techniques, readings) that increase your ability to respond with resilience and manage your health and work life through inevitable change.

    The Skills you need to maximize your strengths rather than focus
    on your weaknesses.

Specifically, this includes:

  • Eight, one hour coaching sessions, over 4 - 5 months delivered through phone coaching or video chat.
  • Career assessment and job search strategies in my Keep Working With Chronic Illness Workbook (a $44 value)
  • Assigned readings, taken from my extensive reading list regarding chronic illness and creating career, tailored to your needs. You will receive 2 books with the program ($40 value).
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Recordings of each call, if you choose.
  • Instant access to career/life/health worksheets and materials that kick start your thinking, stimulate new ideas, and offer the structure and guidance that will get your life and career on the track you seek.

What is the curriculum?

Each program is tailored to fit each person's needs. But here's a sample of the format to give you an idea of what we would do together.

* Prior to the 1st call - Each Client fills out a Pre-Coaching Self assessment (that covers your current psycho/social/professional/health situation).

Call 1: Design Coaching Program with clearly stated Outcomes.
GOAL: To have a clearly defined purpose for the coaching program that client and coach can use as a roadmap and benchmark.

Call 2: Focus on initial career assessments (homework), explore challenges, consider Foundational pieces that need to be developed. Build self observing qualities that encourage action.
GOAL: To identify the gaps.

Call 3: Explore mental models, wants and needs, health management issues to uncover opportunities and barriers. Consider daily practices that encourage better health and promote action.
GOAL: To clarify barriers and opportunities to develop new ideas about this.

Call 4: Identify career options, discuss researching tools and narrowing focus.
GOAL: To create more clarity about what is possible.

Call 5: Explore how to develop career path search.
GOAL: To create a plan that can be tested.

Call 6: Probe for barriers and unseen opportunities in researching career path.
GOAL: To develop mental models for strategic approach.

Call 7: Summarize, collate and collect new ideas and build into plan a broad stroke approach that can be a continuous resource. Build on practices and self observation that supports resilience.
GOAL: To strengthen the learning thus far.

Call 8: Concretize the plan, identify the learning and develop action plan.
GOAL: To create the launching point that allows for revision and regrouping.


Your investment? $760 if you pay in full today.

Otherwise, pay three payments of $300, $250, $250, for a total of $800.

And here's my personal guarantee: I will refund your money, after the 1st call, if you decide this is not a good fit for you!

"As a result of our coaching sessions, I communicate more confidently with my supervisors for requests and am setting incremental career goals during my last year of graduate school." Teneisha A., multiple sclerosis

Ready to crank your life into high gear, even with chronic illness?

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