Holding a job and building a career is more complicated and competitive than ever
and that’s true for “healthy” people.

For those of us living with chronic health conditions, thriving in a career is even more difficult.  Too often in today’s competitive workplace, illness can lead to marginalization, underemployment, and even undesired unemployment. Do you worry about this or is it already the case?

That’s precisely where a coach can help. As someone who has lived with unpredictable chronic illness for 35 years, I know what it takes to manage debilitating health and to create a satisfying, success-filled work life.  I know what it takes to put these ideas into action. I know what it takes to thrive, not just survive.

As a result of my own experience with successfully meeting the challenges of living and working with chronic illness, my clients learn to take charge of their work environments, creating a life that is in balance, allows them to meet challenges with resilience, and look to the future with hope for success.


Rosalind is acutely aware of the unique challenges chronic illness patients face day–to-day and how it impacts our careers. Working with Rosalind has allowed me to crystallize my professional values, motivations and strengths and explore new professional possibilities. I learned how to take charge of my professional life during a difficult period.

This experience helped me to focus on what I can do rather than what I cannot do. I strongly recommend Rosalind’s coaching services to anyone with a chronic illness who is planning or assessing their career paths.

Alex M., IT Analyst, psoriatic arthritis